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The nature of the bylaws can differ from complex to complex. By-Laws are created to achieve certain objective for that complex. These objectives may not be in the best interest of what you (realtor/ buyer) may have in mind as your potential future home/lifestyle.

What does the operating budget (proposed budget) looks like on paper? What has been the experience of the developer in the market place? Realtors have to protect their customers and themselves at the same time in accordance with the law of agency.

Any professional realtor should never advise their clients against having a condominium document inspection. You may be held liable for making such a recommendation if you are not certain about your customers concerns or what may show up in the condominium review report.

A prudent realtor’s skill’s lie in meeting the customer’s concerns i.e. price range, location, size, amenities, transportation, schools, financing and other issues he/she may want addressed. Once these concerns have been looked after and we have an accepted offer with conditions to protect the customer. The realtor has an obligation to the buyers/sellers (agency relationship) to make certain that the transaction goes to the next level automatically.

document inspection, property inspection (as needed) and other services that could detect any patent or latent defects are imperative.

You are the expert who is advising the client how to minimize the investment risk. The customer is relying upon your professional knowledge and expert advice to assist him in making an informed decision.

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 Required Documents 
Make certain that the documents provided are as per the above checklists. Accuracy of our reviews is dependant upon up to date information being provided to our document advisors.
 Request a Review Service
We require current documents delivered to our offices. Documentation must meet the above requirements as per the category.
 Time Frame
We require four business days to complete a professional review. For special cases please contact our office.

We will consider any special review requests for short time frame.
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